It’s Easy

Buying Bitcoin can take as little as 30 minutes

Most people overestimate the complexity of Bitcoin In reality, you can buy Bitcoin easily by purchasing it online with your debit/credit card. View our 3-step process below!

It’s Safe

Learn the simple steps to Bitcoin safety

Like anything else, Bitcoin is only as safe as measures you take to protect yourself. View our list of Useful Info below to enjoy a worry-free Bitcoin experience.


1. Get a Wallet

A wallet is a place to keep your bitcoin until you spend them. Getting one is easy! Simply go to the app store and download one to your smartphone.

Our recommendation

BreadWallet is easy to use, has enhanced security features and is among the most recommended wallets for both Android and iOS. Look no further!

2. Buy bitcoin

A wallet is a place to keep your bitcoin until you spend them. Getting one is easy! Simply go to the app store and download one to your smartphone.

Did you know?

You can buy Bitcoin instantly with your credit/debit card through a regulated exchange.

Get ready...

Regulated exchanges are extremely safe, but they usually require a picture of your ID to create an account. It may take a little while for them to verify your identity, but once that’s done you will be able to make instant purchases!


Choose among this list of top-rated Bitcoin Exchanges.

3. Send your bitcoin to your wallet

Some exchanges will ask for your wallet address before you make a purchase. If not, you'll need to send your Bitcoin from your exchange account to your wallet. Don't worry, it's easy!

1. Select "Send Bitcoin" in your exchange account

2. Copy & paste (or type) your wallet address into the input field and click "Send".

You're Finished!

Congratulations! If you made it this far, you're an official Bitcoin user. You're ready to start spending!


Mobile wallets

Mobile wallets are downloaded directly to your smartphone from the app store and they usually provide enhanced security features. They also enable QR code capability, which allows for instant payments.

Most recommended: for Andriod: Mycelium Copay

Most recommended for IOS: BreadWallet Copay

Desktop wallets

Desktop wallets need to be downloaded directly to your computer. They are generally less recommended than mobile wallets because desktops are at a higher risk of being infected by malware that might steal your bitcoins. Some, like those listed below, provide enhanced security features to help mitigate those risks.

Most recommended: Electrum Exodus

Online wallets

Online wallets are accounts that you create online in order to store and manage your bitcoin. These are the least safe of all wallets, as they have a history of being hacked or of disappearing overnight with all of their users' bitcoins. Some exchanges provide an online wallet when you create an account to purchase bitcoins, but even these are at risk of being hacked. We recommend sending your bitcoin to a downloaded wallet as soon as they've been purchased.

Regulated exchanges

Buying from a regulated exchange is like buying currency from a bank. Regulated exchanges are a safe and simple way to buy your bitcoin online. Most of them require a picture of your ID to make a purchase, but once this is validated, the entire process can be completed within minutes.

Check out a list of the top-rated online exchanges here

Peer-to-Peer Exchanges

Peer to peer exchange sites are similar to Air BnB: the site will put you in contact with someone, but the transaction happens between the two of you. is a good place to find people who are selling their bitcoin around the world. When you purchase from a peer, you can potentially buy bitcoin using cash, making it effectively untraceable. Some sellers ask for ID to protect themselves against fraud. Similarly, you should protect yourself by only choosing sellers who have a solid reputation based on past transactions. Read their rating before you buy!

Bitcoin ATM

Bitcoin ATMs are easy to use and are extremely safe. You can look for one near you using If you find one in your area, this is what you should expect:

Some machines may ask for ID before allowing you to make a purchase, but others do not.

You will need to provide the bitcoin address to which you want to send funds.

You will then be asked to insert cash into the ATM.

Lastly, you'll need to verify your address and confirm the transaction. Your bitcoin will be sent instantly once this is done.

Keep track of where you store your balance. Remember, it’s always better to keep your entire balance in one of your wallets and not an exchange service.

Never use an online wallet, use a downloaded one instead.

If you have a large amount of bitcoin that you want to keep for a long period of time, consider using a paper wallet or a hardware wallet, as these are offline and cannot be hacked

You can mitigate risks by using more than one wallet to store and spend your bitcoin

If you purchase from a peer instead of an exchange, make sure you choose a seller that has a good reputation (peer to peer exchange sites will rate sellers based on past experiences).

Never use the same bitcoin address more than once. Don't worry though, most wallets will take care of this automatically for you.